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3D Solid Modeling in AutoCAD

For your benefit, the latest and best elearning software technology is applied to all AutoCAD tutorials. The tutorials takes elearning to a higher level with comprehensive demonstrations and quizzing. All elearning tutorials have text, visuals and audio (voice). Furthermore, it's you that are in control of the pace. You can always go back and listen to the information again in the demonstration part, repetition is a important part in learning. Software simulation with interactivity is a essential part of the AutoCAD tutorials. My teaching is based on the philosophy: Keep it simple and easy to comprehend. My ultimate goal: That you learn 3D solid modeling with AutoCAD 2007. I strongly believe you will be satisfied with the learning in my tutorials.

Tutorial No. 1 Has Been Reviewed

You have a very good product going, Lars.
Keep up the good work!

Michael Beall, Autodesk Certified Instructor


I tried your second AutoCAD tutorial.
Very good and concise tutorial. I learned 3D solid modeling faster than expected. Highly recommendable.

M. Jensen
North Carolina

Your tutorial no. 1 are educational and straight to the point.
Your AutoCAD elearning tutorials gave me a excellent start in AutoCAD 3D modeling.

C. Henderson

AutoCAD Tutorial No. 1: 3D Solid Modeling in AutoCAD 2007

The interactive AutoCAD tutorial focus on the 3D commands and procedures, that you use in AutoCAD for 3D solid modeling. The course is focusing on architectural 3D design.

It should cost much more, considerering the many hours I used to create the course.

Prerequisite: Tutorial No. 1

Preview of the Simulation and Quiz Part, Tutorial No. 2
(This is only a short version of the full course).


Purpose: Learning how to do 3D solid modeling in AutoCAD 2007. The learning you receive can also be applied to AutoCAD 2008. The course gives you the ability to create a digital house in 3D.

The demonstration part gives you an audio-visual teaching. You learn the most commonly used 3D commands and procedures for creating 3D models.

The simulation and quiz part is elearning with interactive simulation.
In this part you do quizzing with questions and answers. Course length: 2-3 hours.


  • 2.1 Applying UCS in 3D solid modeling

  • 2.2 The Polysolid Command

  • 2.3 Using Polylines as First Step in 3D modeling.

  • 2.4 The Presspull Command

  • 2.5 The Extrude Command

  • 2.6 The 3D face Command

  • 2.7 Layers and 3D

  • 2.8 The Right Procedure to Work Faster

Let me disprove the myth; 3D modeling is not difficult to learn. It is most certain, that you will learn AutoCAD 3D modeling on my interactive tutorials! As with anything else, you need also to practice on a regularly basis to increase work pace.

My AutoCAD tutorial have higher value in the marketplace, if you are an architect. Acquired skills in AutoCAD 3D modeling gives you the opportunity to present your projects with extraordinary realism. Making impressive virtual presentation in 3 dimensions.

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